Lust Bistro - Salted Compressed Watermelon

Lust bistro Compressed Watermelon

When visiting Workshop17 Tabakhuis in Paarl it’s hard to miss the smell of freshly baked bread and muffins from our café partner, Lust Bistro. We’ve asked Lust Bistro to share a summer recipe with our members and friends to get us ready for the warmer weather in South Africa.

Half watermelon
1 Nectarine
Pomegranate arils
1 Small red onion
Borage oil, cold-pressed
Malden salt
60g Soft goat’s milk cheese
100ml Poppy seed salad dressing

- Cut 4 rectangles from the watermelon about 12cm x 6cm x 3cm and sprinkle with Malden salt. Compress between 2 plates in the fridge for approximately 12 hours.
- Cut the remaining watermelon in small cubes
- Cube the nectarine
- Thinly slice the red onion

Poppy seed salad dressing:

- 50g Fresh raspberries
- 30ml Raspberry vinegar
- 90ml Grape seed oil
- 1 Clove of garlic
- 0.5 Teaspoon poppy seed

- Blend the raspberries, garlic and vinegar until smooth
- Gradually add grape seed oil while blending
- Stir in the poppy seed and season with salt and pepper

To serve:
- Place each watermelon rectangle on a plate and season lightly with Malden salt and ground black pepper
- Garnish with watermelon cubes, nectarine, pomegranate arils, red onion, chevin and micro herbs
- Drizzle with borage oil
- Add a splash of raspberry and poppy seed salad dressing

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