SAYes Mentoring | 2019 Call for Mentors

Workshop17 Watershed Meeting Room

SAYes Mentoring (, a Cape Town-based  non-profit that has facilitated mentoring for under-served young people in child and youth care centres for the last ten years, is recruiting for their 2019 programmes.

SAYes provides a structured, formal mentoring programme for young people growing up in challenging circumstances who are preparing to transition into independence. SAYes matches young people with volunteer mentors and provides a framework and ecosystem of specialised staff and resources to support the mentorship process. SAYes believes that the guidance, advocacy and support provided by mentors is key to preparing young people for independence and inspiring meaningful social change.

The organisation was founded in 2008 by UK actor, activist and writer, Gillian Anderson, and SAYes Executive Director, Michelle Potter. There were 15 mentor-mentee matches in the first-year programme. SAYes has now grown to more than 100 mentor-mentee matches and, over the last 10 years, it has facilitated 15,750 hours of mentoring for 392 young people in the Cape Town area.

Through the programme, mentors and mentees undergo mentorship training and then meet for weekly mentoring sessions. Throughout the year, mentor-mentee matches also attend monthly work-groups designed by SAYes to guide mentees towards improving independence and well-being.

SAYes is now recruiting for their 2019 programmes.

Individuals and businesses interested in making a positive impact in their communities, working with young people, and pushing their personal development boundaries are encouraged to attend a commitment-free information session, and/or apply to become a mentor.  

As SAYes founder and executive director, Michelle Potter, puts it: “Entire societies are strengthened when mentors and mentees come together across generational and socio-economic lines to grow together and learn from each other. Anyone interested in taking an active role in this type of social change should consider becoming a SAYes mentor.”

Further information on information sessions and the mentor application process is available online at