OPEN Workspaces Announces a Nationwide Rebrand to Workshop17

Leading South African co-working space brand, OPEN Workspaces, announced its intention to rebrand to Workshop17 across all its spaces on Monday, 20 August 2018.

OPEN, a joint venture between Refuel Properties and Growthpoint, designs, builds and manages inspiring and comfortable spaces to work, meet, learn, and hold events. It has three existing co-working spaces - OPEN Maboneng and Sandton in Johannesburg, and Workshop17 at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

More than Fast Internet and Good Coffee

Although co-working and flexible office spaces have been around for some time now, the field is changing rapidly. Where a few years ago it was estimated flexible office could grow to 5% or 10% of the office market, current estimates speak of 20% to 25%.

“The way people work has changed dramatically,” says Paul Keursten, co-founder of OPEN, “and this has had a fascinating impact on the spaces they need and how they use them.”

Co-working spaces aren’t only for freelancers and startups; corporates have also started moving into shared spaces and recognise the benefits of an evolved work environment that fosters a unique meeting of minds.

Says Paul Keursten, “These developments challenge us as operators to push our envelopes in terms of innovation and quality. Work is part of living, and workspaces become more of a lifestyle choice. High speed internet, ergonomics, and good coffee are still important but merely a licence to operate. The focus for our future spaces and for the way we service our members stems from asking the question, ‘How does working in our spaces help our members realise their dreams and enjoy the road to get there?’”

OPEN’s Nationwide Rebrand to Workshop17

OPEN Workspaces announced that it is continuing as Workshop17. The name change will include the current space in the V&A Waterfront, as well as the spaces in Sandton and Maboneng, bringing them together under one brand.

OPEN’s collaboration with Growthpoint and the V&A Waterfront will ensure that the vision for community, lifestyle, and excellence will continue to grow under the Workshop17 brand.

“What has always set OPEN apart from other co-working spaces,” says Westleigh Wilkinson, Operations and Sales Director of OPEN, “and what will continue under the Workshop17 brand, is our belief that you don’t have to sacrifice excellence and beauty in your quest for creativity and innovation. Our spaces will always be beautiful and well run. But more than that, we foster a living, vibrant community that is creative, and inspiring, and this will continue to be our focus under the Workshop17 banner.”

What we can expect from Workshop17 going forward

Workshop17 will grow as a national platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, with three new locations opening in the next six months and four more to come in the 12 months after.

Workshop17 will then be a connected community of about 4,000 members from over 1,000 companies, with several public and community events every week and cafés open to everyone.

The first new Workshop17 location to open on 1 October will be Tabakhuis in Paarl, followed by the Firestation in Rosebank on 1 November, and 32 Kloof Street in Cape Town on 1 April next year.

With rave reviews from event organisers, day visitors, and full-time members, Workshop17 spaces are set as a firm favourite for entrepreneurs and corporates alike.

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