Meet The Team: Jade Wichman, Community Manager at Workshop17 Watershed

Jade Wichman Community Manager at Workshop17 Watershed

The wonderfully social, Jade Wichman is the Community Manager at Workshop17 Watershed location in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

She was an Ikey, who graduated with a bachelor of social work and was then given the position of Assistant Community Management with us at Workshop17. This stylish assistant has since then taken up the role of the Community Manager within our team. She has been working for us for just over two years now and has exceeded all our expectations with her goal-orientated and friendly nature.

Jade is always on top of her work and leaves no time for hesitation or doubt. Within the last year, alongside her job promotion, she also got engaged and started a family. She is now not only a successful career woman but also a mother to her beautiful baby girl. She manages to balance her work, social and family life so brilliantly, that we don’t know how she does it. With all these responsibilities, she still manages to be an energetic, beautifully presented and hardworking employee. She is a true inspiration for any working parent!

Her relaxation time though is where we believe she recharges herself. This takes place while she soaks up the warm sun on Cape Town’s stunning beaches. She loves having the sand between her toes, salt on her lips and breathing in the crisp smell of the ocean. Summer is by far her favourite season: the season of beautiful orange sunsets, and the atmosphere of happiness floating around the city.

Jade possess the traits of being trustworthy, caring and determined, contributing to her success in both her career and new family duties. She is overall just an amazing member of our team and we’re very lucky to have her with us.

- post written by Jessica le Roux during her internship with us at Workshop17