Meet The Team: Laura Edge, Events Manager at Workshop17 Watershed

Laura Edge, Workshop17 Watershed Events Manager

The multi-skilled, warm-hearted Laura Edge is the Events Manager at our Workshop17 Watershed team.

She took quite a leap into this job, she graduated with an undergrad in biochemistry and human physiology at UCT. She then further did her post-grad in sports management and managed the UCT U20 rugby team for five consecutive years. She helped guide them through three varsity cups and five league competitions. Through this experience, she learnt how to work well under pressure and communicate between large pools of people, seeing the importance of teamwork in aiming for success. These skills, which she gained in her sport-focussed studies, she continues to practise in her current managerial position with us.

Since 2016, she has been happily employed at Workshop17. We highly benefit from her strategic decision making and effective organisation skills. She enjoys being part of our team since we retain a positive work ethic and face our challenges straight on. Shortcuts are never taken, which further ties in with her determined personality which spans to her passion for fitness and sports, as she does Crossfit before her nine-hour work shift every morning. How impressive?

This talented women also has many other hobbies, including going to Clifton beach for a ‘lolly to make her jolly’, visiting the restaurant Erawan (which according to her serves the best Thai) and eating sushi, in the beautiful Rondebosch.

Alongside her work and many interests, she is also currently planning a wedding as a side project. I honestly couldn’t think of a better person to organise your dream day; she is a star and a great asset to Workshop17.

- post written by Jessica le Roux during her internship with us at Workshop17