Meet the Team: Qayshara Dollie, Community Manager at Workshop17 Firestation

Qayshara Dollie, WOrkshop17 Firestation Community Manager

The people-loving, Qayshara is the perfect fit for her position as Community Manager at our Workshop17 Firestation location.

Living in London for two years, she gained high amounts of experience in customer service as well as buying and product development. She has been in the industry of organisation and management for two and a half years now and joined our team in 2018. Qayshara is a very fast learner and perfectly settled into our family at Workshop17 Firestation in Johannesburg within the last couple of months.

She is people-orientated and loves living in Johannesburg, since her nephew lives there as well. Her family is very important to her and she loves being involved with planning big family celebrations. She also enjoys family holidays, especially Christmas. Monte Casino is her favourite place in December, due to the fairy lights and overall festive atmosphere it holds. It is a place of happiness and Christmas cheer. Mythos is one of her favourite spots as well, serving the best seafood in Johannesburg, โ€œdespite the lack of an ocean in the city.โ€

Qayshara is a driven and powerful woman, who also has many other secret talents alongside her planning and social skills. To name a few, she has a qualification in image consultancy and has a love for hip-hop dancing. Keeping to the beat and succeeding in everything she does is just a couple of her great character traits. Keep up the good work, Qayshara!

- post written by Jessica le Roux during her internship with us at Workshop17