Meet the Team: Michelle Saunt, Events Manager at Workshop17 West Street

Michelle Saunt, Workshop17 West Street Events Manager

The outdoors-loving busy bee, Michelle Saunt, is the Events Manager at Workshop17 West Street, Sandton

She was a proud Matie who received her sports science degree from Stellenbosch. After that, she completed her honours at Vega, specialising in brand strategy. Once she had finished her tertiary education, she travelled the world living in Canada for a couple of months before working on a luxury charter yacht for two years. On this yacht, she coordinated events and delivered five-star service to all the guests who boarded. Through this experience, she visited some magnificent places, including the Caribbean Islands and Puerto Rico.

Michelle, therefore, has a great love for travelling, and further pursued this interest by exploring America and backpacking through South East Asia. In 2015, she moved back to South Africa and settled in Johannesburg before joining our Workshop17 team in 2017 during the opening of Workshop17 West Street. Her work experience and travels have allowed her to deliver fantastic skills and a world perspective to our team, something which we are very grateful for.

What she loves most about the area she works in now, is that she can live out her passion for exploring. From visiting jazz bars, like Orbit to hiking in her local's surroundings like Muldersdrift and the game reserves nearby. Trying new things in one of her favourite pastimes and she says Johannesburg is the perfect fit to her personality as it is fast-paced and lively just like her.

Her other passions include leading a healthy lifestyle. Running is one of her favourite sports, and she feels most content at the beach. Slalom water skiing is also one of her hobbies, alongside eating out at the wonderful Wombles.

This wild spirit is currently planning her upcoming holidays already, so we will just have to wait and see what exciting adventures she pursues.

- post written by Jessica le Roux during her internship with us at Workshop17